Dr. Alejandro Ramírez is an Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He is subspecialized in Reconstructive Microsurgery and Craniofacial Surgery in Taipei. He also has advanced studies in Facial Surgery in Tokyo, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in New York and Certification in High Definition Liposculpture.

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(Español) Venus Sculpture – Lipoescultura de Alta Definición

(Español) Venus Sculpture – Lipoescultura de Alta Definición

High Definition Liposculpture is the result of advances in technology and artistic knowledge of the human anatomy. It basically consists of...

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Lumbar and gluteal aesthetic

Lumbar and gluteal aesthetic

There are different ways to improve the aesthetics of the lumbar and glutear area. I share the results of a patient who underwent liposuction plus...

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Mommy makeover;  recover the best of you after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Mommy makeover; recover the best of you after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

With a combination of surgeries you can improve body contouring after pregnancy. I share the video of the result in one of our patient...

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Pre and post surgery, Dr. Ramírez was very aware of my condition and every detail. Always committed to his work. I feel happy with the results. An artist.

Cindy, 27 years oldBreast Augmentation

It's amazing the job the doctor is doing for me. Since not only will it fix my face forever, but it will return the smile I could never have. With the operation I will be able to feel normal. I thank the doctor, the hospital and God, for giving me this opportunity.

Milenka, 13 years oldFirst facial resuscitation with Harii technique, Luis Calvo Mackenna Hospital

Today I see her happy, aware that there is still a long process, but the achievements seen so far augur a wonderful final result, I thank Dr. Ramírez for all his effort and love invested in my daughter, I know that God put him on our path...

Paula EscobarMilenka's mom

I waited a long time for surgery and the diagnoses were not favorable, until I met Dr. Alejandro Ramírez. He operated on me and since then I have felt very well, I have returned to a normal life.

Yolanda Galaz First case of microsurgical breast reconstruction with neurotized diep flap in Chile. Best type of breast reconstruction in the world.


Probably what bothers patients the most is difficulty breathing through the nose in the first days after surgery. Especially when surgery has been performed on the nasal septum and it is necessary to use plugs. Although vented earplugs (with breathing tubes) are available, not all patients are comfortable with them.

The implants currently used are made of silicone. Silicone is a synthetic polymer for medical use.

Liposuction is not a procedure designed to lose weight, but rather to improve body and facial contour. Although several liters of fat can be lost in liposuction, goals should not be set around weight.


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