Maintaining a healthy and stable weight, as well as protecting yourself from the effects of sunlight are probably the two most important measures to prevent facial aging.

The passage of time generates measurable changes in the face. There is atrophy of certain compartments of fat and the excess of others. Volume of some bones is lost and there is a decrease in certain areas such as fat on the cheeks or the appearance of cheeks or jowls.

The face lift is one of the most powerful tools that exist in Plastic Surgery in the area of ​​facial rejuvenation. Well done, it achieves natural results and reverses several of the effects of facial aging.

In a surgery under general anesthesia, an incision is made bordering the temple and the area just in front of the ear, continues to the earlobe and turns to the back of it. The skin is lifted. It rearranges the SAMS (superficial aponeurotic muscle system), in order to elevate and reposition the structures descended by aging and finally the skin is rearranged, discarding the excess.

To achieve the desired facial rejuvenation effect, in some cases it is necessary to complement the facelift with a blepharoplasty, improving the periorbital area. In many cases, facial lipoinjection is also necessary to restore lost facial volumes, achieving a more natural result.  

I share the results of our patient with “rejuvenation of the look”. To achieve this, a combination of reconstructive and aesthetic techniques was used: frontal endoscopic lifting, upper eyelid blepharoplasty with ptosis correction and inferior blepharoplasty with tarsal-strip.
New look, new face. Happy patient

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