(Español) Venus Sculpture – Lipoescultura de Alta Definición

(Español) Venus Sculpture – Lipoescultura de Alta Definición

High Definition Liposculpture is the result of advances in technology and artistic knowledge of the human anatomy. It basically consists of enhancing and defining the curves and muscles of the body. In women, different degrees of definition can be achieved from an abdomen with slightly hinted lines and curves to a full six pack, achieving a more athletic result.

Includes liposculpture of arms, back, lumbar area, gluteal area, thighs, breasts and abdomen with the definition that the patient wishes. In some cases, liposculpture can also be performed on the calves.

In men, the liposculpture and marking of the arms, back, shoulders, pectorals, buttocks and a very marked abdomen with six pack stand out. In some patients who so wish, a more subtle abdominal marking can be performed without a full six pack.

The technology used to achieve definition is ultrasound with VASER® and liposuction and lipoinjection with Microaire®. However, more important than technology, is the deep artistic knowledge of the anatomy of each patient and the precise application of the surgical technique.

Dr. Alejandro Ramírez is a Plastic Surgeon member of the Chilean Society of Plastic Surgery and is one of the few doctors in the world certified internationally to perform the original technique of High Definition Liposculpture.

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